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Information for supporters

What is the Yapang Initiative about?

‘Yapang’ translates as ‘pathway’ from the Dunghutti language belonging to the First Australian peoples from the Macleay Valley of New South Wales.

The Yapang Initiative seeks to address the needs of two groups, they are:

People that choose to become proficient in the latest and most relevant digital skills so they can perform technology roles and thrive in the burgeoning digital economy.

Organisations that have adopted (or are in the process of adopting) technologies but have found that demand for people with technology skills exceeds the supply, and this is hampering their organisational initiatives or objectives.

Goanna Solutions – a leading Indigenous Australian-owned technology firm – have developed the Yapang Initiative to bring these two groups together for their individual and mutual benefit – with both sharing in a lasting positive outcome.

The Yapang Initiative delivers world-class technology education and training programs that address the contemporary technology talent challenges faced by organisations and provides people with a pathway into the technology sector a chance to build a long and successful career.

What is AWS re/Start?

AWS re/Start is a skills development program that prepares learners for entry-level careers in the cloud. The program’s mission is to build local talent by providing AWS Cloud skills development and job opportunities to unemployed or underemployed populations. AWS re/Start is collaborating with Goanna Solutions on their Yapang Initiative. AWS re/Start will execute on the Yapang Initiative by working with learners, from diverse populations in Melbourne and Sydney, and preparing them to launch a career in the cloud.

Yapang and AWS re/Start Collaboration

Update: Due to COVID-19, the first Yapang Program will be run as a virtual program, allowing for full participation as well as applications to be made from all over the country, a world first for the program. 

The Yapang Initiative and AWS re/Start are collaborating on a program that will:

  • Engage learners from a range of diverse backgrounds (such as First Australians, defence veterans, females and similar) who might not otherwise get the opportunity to build a career in digital technology.
  • The learners selected do not pay to participate in the course and are provided with computers, travel and food allowances so that they have an environment conducive to maximising their studies outcomes. Note: The initial course will be conducted virtually due to social distancing measures put in place.
  • We conduct the course over 12-weeks with a cohort of up to 25 learners per course, with four cohorts planned in both Sydney and Melbourne between May 2020 and September 2021.
  • Learners will study a curriculum that teaches AWS Cloud fundamentals, as well as other relevant skills such as Linux, Python, networking, cybersecurity, and relational databases.
  • The Yapang Initiative team maintains contact with learners and employers for 12-months from course completion to ensure the ‘fit’ remains strong and mutually beneficial and that the learner is settling into their new career well.

How is the Yapang Initiative and the AWS re/Start course funded?

Note: The following is not relevant to the Virtual Program – feel free to contact us about the specifics of the Virtual delivery, as sponsorships as well as costs of the program have been significantly reduced.


The total cost of the delivering this program of 8 cohorts of 25 people (4 each in Sydney and Melbourne) and supporting the learners post-graduation is over $3m.

The program costs are influenced by the services provided to learners, including:

  • Participation in an intense 12-week training and education program lead by accredited and experienced trainers, learning:
  • Contemporary and relevant technology skills
  • ‘Soft skills’ that will aid the learners to be effective and valued team
  • Members in modern workplaces
  • Introductions to relevant employers in the field
  • Post-graduation support and career mentoring
  • Their own laptop computer
  • Food and travel arrangements support throughout the program

Many individuals and organisations recognise the importance of education and training as the best investment that can be made in people to provide them with a brighter future. This program aligns with those principles and is tailored to ensure our learners are on a pathway to a substantial career in a ‘sun-rise’ industry.

We invite philanthropic contributors to provide financial support for places on the program. Philanthropic funding for the program will provide catalytic funding needed to support the program in delivering learner success across the first 8 cohorts or 200 learners, and ensure the program is well placed to continue to be offered across Australia.

Non-financial or in-kind support are also very welcome. The program has technology needs (for example laptops and personal hotspots for learners) as well as logistical needs (catering, travel) that organisations may wish to provide.

Organisations may also wish to contribute in other ways that would contribute to the career-building for our learners, for example the Australian Computer Society has kindly offered complimentary membership to graduating learners.

Next Steps for supporters

If you feel that you would like to support this initiative, we’d be very pleased to talk to you about the nature of the support and how we might work together successfully.

Please provide your contact details and we’ll be in touch very soon.

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